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Resting woman


64 x 84cm

2568,64 €



54 x 69cm

1605,40 €



49 x 58cm

1445,32 €



52 x 65cm

1659,38 €

Morning with the Pheasant


38 x 52cm

910,19 €



89 x 64cm

2675,66 €

The Fortune Teller


55 x 67cm

1659,38 €

The Candle


52 x 65cm

1659,38 €

Alexander Ivashkevich (born in 1960) is a professional theatre and film actor living in Tallinn, Estonia.
The artist’s interest in fine art and photography was further instigated by his life-long career in dramatic theatre sphere. Photographer's attitude is rooted not only in the artist’s desire to investigate personality, and even the mood of the model, but also in a determination to challenge the status quo. He has been involved in photography for more than 15 years now.
Artistic, psychological, vintage portraits, and boudoir series - Alexander's photoshoots always create an exquisite interplay between such notions as gestures and expressions, model’s inner world making public and dialogue with the artist and audience. During the photo sessions, models always have the opportunity not just to pose and to look attractively, but to explore previously unknown discoveries about their personalities and souls. People have posed to Ivashkevich often declare that this is one of the most aesthetic ways of psychotherapy.
Alexander says that he wants to bring the warmth and coziness back to people’s homes by means of art photography and has been always dreaming of making photographs with high aesthetic standards.
Ivashkevich has found his own special and easily recognizable style and his works became popular and are in great demand among fine art admirers.
Alexander Ivashkevich ́s works have been exhibited in Estonia as well as abroad and can also be found in private collections (USA, Holland, Russia, Sweden, Norway).