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Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio

Naples, Italy

17 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Milan, Italy.

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Works by Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio

Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio was born in Naples in 1985. He currently lives and works in Milan.

He graduated in 2004 in Painting at the state institute of art "F. Russoli ”of Pisa.

In his paintings he tries to recreate the great upheavals of our time and their influence on mankind. His works, born from the contamination between painting and video, are characterized by the continuous search for movement through the use of videos within the painting.


2019 - Beautiful Minds, Floris Art Gallery, Milano.
2018 - Nuntio Vobis Gaudio-Deadly Sins-The Mirror Of A Society, Studio Bolzani, Milano. 
2017 - Ego-Jump-A Dive Into The Future, Galleria Schubert, Milano.
2016 - Hybrids, Galleria Schubert, Milano.


2015 - Evoluzione Del Ritratto a cura di Romina Sangiovanni, OnART Gallery, Firenze.
2015 - Human Rights? #Memento – Dalla Guerra Alla Pace, Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto (TN).


2019 - Mural Departures & Arrivals with video monitor integrated at Unico Studios, Milan.
2017 - Mural Tokyo lights with video monitor integrated at Kanpai-japanese hangout, Milan.

2019 - Finalist of the "Premio Artefici del nostro tempo", Venice.
2017 - Finalist of the EneganArt 2017 art prize, Florence.
2015 - Winner of the contest Art on iconic shapes Milan/Bari.