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Alejandra Mujica

Viña del Mar, Chile

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60 x 80cm

2900,00 €

"I currently live in Viña del Mar, I am married and have two daughters. I am a Green Areas Designer (Landscape designer).

Since I was a child I stood out for my art and handicraft works, winning several painting contests. Thanks to the different courses and workshops in which I have participated is that now I dedicate myself professionally to art, I have taken workshops in drawing, painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor) and mixed media.

After investigating different techniques such as watercolor, sculpture, engraving, the one I feel most comfortable with is painting. I like to know what happens in space when we fill the voids with colors, shapes, lines, stripes, stains, using different materials and techniques. My drawings are abstract, in different sizes and formats, these are the result of a search for identity and personality of creation.

These come from the unconscious, where I first do some work to release the imagination and creativity, then in the encounter with the fabric or paper are appearing figures, colors, shapes that have movement, begin an interaction with the stain, line, erase and add to reach the final result. I am very inspired by nature, music, design, art and architecture.

I have participated in different exhibitions in Chile and abroad. Some abroad such as Miami 2019, Dubai 2020, New York 2021 and soon Paris 2023. Since 2019 I participate with Southtrip Gallery in exhibitions and activities."