To Dream, to Collect


Alejandra Aristizaba

United States

1 Works exhibited



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Born in Colombia.

Studied Visual Arts at the Miami International University of Art & Design and have a Masters in Communication Design at IED Madrid.

Alejandra interprets the mystery, the humor and the threat of her dreams. She collects and compares bits of disparate material, creating her own order. The mixture of different elements and materials from Colombia and the globe, lead her to express my world and point of view, creating pieces that deal with the ideas of time, death and decay, transformation, beauty, universal mystery, regret, permanence and memory. Life by itself drives her to create, however, the connection she has with nature is highly important in her art, she takes materials and elements and combines them to express what is inside her. The material she uses in her work is highly important; Cabuya, an organic material taken by a Colombian plant, Fique.

Works by Alejandra Aristizabal

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80 x 40 x 6 cm


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