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Alan Carroll, artist, lives in Villa Alemana, fifth region Chile.
He studied architecture for a couple of years at the University of Valparaíso and later studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Playa Ancha.
The origin of my work is found in the deep interest that painting's narrative capacities awaken in me, which is why I have sought to build a unique and personal form of language, loaded with images that allude to specific elements and characteristics of the human condition, as well as religious ideas and hierarchies of thought.

The means by which these figurative images are spread is a plot that mixes the divine, earthly, intellectual world and that of primordial emotions, shaping a universe that reveals ourselves to us.

In recent years, my work has been marked by a clear graphic inclination and a search for the fundamental simplification of the image, both in formal and chromatic aspects, all this has been the result of the search for useful resources for the construction of an increasingly eloquent and objective visual story.