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Aladar Botlik

Velke Ulany, Slovakia

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Aladar Botlik is like a skilled conductor who masters the harmonic symphony of life, moving between Slovakia and the USA with the same grace with which he changes a paintbrush for a restoration instrument. His love of singing and fine art spills over into his work, where cool colors dance across the canvas in delicate and sensitive compositions, mirroring the passion and attention put into each painting.

The artist Aladar Botlik was born on July 7, 1948 in Veľké Úľany. He lived in Bratislava from his youth, where he worked as a singer in SĽUK ( Slovak state traditional dance company).
However, his passion for painting turned into a high level of professionalism, so he began to devote himself professionally to fine arts and restoration. For many years he lived and worked with his family in the USA. In the mid-90s, however, they returned to Slovakia, where he continues to devote himself to his work.  He held more than 40 independent exhibitions at home and abroad.