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Pandas are the Future, GRRR


76 x 76cm

1837,34 €

Airom grew up in the Australian bush. Embarrassed about not owning a television, he would make up imaginary television shows to tell his school mates. This reliance on imagination played a big part to the development of his creative process.

Heavy oil paint with a series of transparent glazes and a subtle interplay of forming moods resulting in a soft organic surface as well as themes of fostering and nurturing, development thought formation, acquisition and growth are common to Airom’s work. His work is a balance between actual nature and desired nature, success and humility and social relationships. Airom’s process is to build a slow-motion cycle of thought-feeling interactions, he will create several sedimentary layers responding to thoughts as they form and different moods they evoke, and make this process visible, scumbling and glazing to reveal the history and interplay of one layer and the next, hoping to create a stirring a circling between sensation and contemplation in the viewer.