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Aaron Martin was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, but spent most of his childhood growing up and moving from Southern California to Nevada before finally landing back into Hawaii during his Junior year in high school. In 1998 a car accident changed everything; this life-threatening experience inspired him to leave the island once again, this time to Seattle, Washington. Inspired by the people, rain and being indoors, he started playing around with different art mediums again. He then left back to Hawaii with a new perspective.

Aaron had his first show in 2002,  Showing in galleries across the US mainland to Asia , South East Asia, South Pacific and all over Europe. Aaron has worked with companies & collective such as Mind Style toys, Disney, Flab Slab, Kidrobot, Fitted Hawaii /New Era, Kicks Hawaii, In4mation Hawaii and Fandango. Also being published in magazines in the US, Japan & Europe. Travel and painting is his passion,  Aaron has also worked with children and have given lectures at a few schools around the US and has even spoken at an Art University without going to an art college himself.

His focal medium is acrylic paintings on wood and canvas. Using minimal colors and detailed character design, these paintings are usually comprised of stressed out emotional pandas. Aaron has also been making an impact on the designer toy community with his partner Palmetto of Silent Stage Gallery an online hub for Woes Martin products mainly in Resin Sculptures. Aaron dropped his first in house production of the "Panda King" in 2009 which was a over night success dropping a second color way and 5 other very limited color ways the Panda Kings became a instant sold out collectible figure now with the release of PK2 and PK3 his releases continue to sell out. Aaron has a few vinyl toys floating around that were at an equal success, Bic plastics- Bic buddy series 1,  Kidrobot2Tone Dunny Series, original 8 inch release Shadow Dunny, Mindstyles Stitch project series with future projects in the works. 

Having roots in Graffiti as a kid growing up in Southern California and Las Vegas Nevada in 2009 Woes picked up a can to paint out in public again.  Woes started rocking his iconic Panda characters to leave a mark in different cities, countries around the world and became addicted leaving his character of a species in jeopardy. 

“Pandas are passing through slowly, so I like to leave them everywhere. Painting them pissed and aggravated, giving them an expression while posting them up everywhere is a fun thing, I enjoy it. Met a lot of my mentors doing it, it’s fuckin great, i entered this life style through a near fatal car accident, in the end it blessed me, can’t hate on that.”

— Woes Martin


His murals Have been popping up all over the map, representing with his Mural Clan NTLCRU "No Talent Losers" which consist a knucklehead bunch of cats that started up as joke and formed into  a monster collective. Crewmates affiliated - Started by Tatiana Suarez and Kamea Hadar, ProGress, Hueman, Lolo Ys, Nosego, Supersonic Art, Jose Mertz, Boy Kong,Pursue1, Defer K2s, Caratoes, Brian Butler, and Kapache1 there maybe others. A side from The Losers he recently banded together with Joseph Martinez, Jose Mertz, Dragon76, Abstrk, and Boy Kong to form The SNDLOT a mini collective of gnarly paint pushers.